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10 Products Linked To Cancer That Are Hiding In Almost Every Home!

We are all exposed to many harmful chemicals and restaurants and workplaces have to adhere to some safety measures to ensure that customers and workers aren’t exposed to these substances.
These chemicals can be found in our homes as well. Here we will present you some household items that you have to eliminate in order to improve the health.

1. Non-stick cookware

This is the most common cookware which is used by the Americans but it is not good for our health. They are proven to release chemicals (toxic) into the food. When it is heated up, the coating breaks down at molecular level and releases many toxic particles and fluoride based gassed that are carcinogenic. Buy a ceramic or glass pans and pots that do not release harmful toxins.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Even, there are numerous natural and healthy sweeteners, the most used ones are worse for us than sugar. If you have these in your home, get rid of them immediately:

-Sorbitol (caused gas, bloating and diarrhea), Saccharin (causes bladder cancer), Aspartame (can be deadly to people with phenylketonuria), Acesulfame K (affects pregnancy and causes tumors);

Replace these sweeteners with ones that are cultivated without refining and naturally found like:

-Yacon syrup (fights against constipation), Xylitol (reduces risk of tooth decay and improves bone density), Erythritol (Has no effect on cholesterol, insulin or blood sugar levels) and Stevia (lowers the blood sugar and blood pressure);

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3. Food containers and plastic bottles

The plastic food containers and bottles contain chemicals like Bisphenol A that is linked to having adverse health effects.
Instead of using plastic bottles and food containers, get a glass or metal ones.  They will save the environment and keep your body safe.

4. Air fresheners

These fresheners are advertised as being able to eliminate the bad odors from the house. Research suggests that fumes from the freshener cans are even more dangerous than the smoke of a cigarette. These fumes cause numerous health problems like respiratory conditions (asthma), hormone imbalance and cancers (of the throat and nose).

A natural way to freshen up your home is to use essential oils as they can create pleasant aromas and they are proven to provide many health benefits. The rosemary oil is found to be great for improving the mood and stimulate the nervous system.
Add ten to fifteen drops of any essential oil in a spray bottle with distilled water and spray it around your home.

5. Commercial cleaning products

We usually use many cleaning products for many different home parts. They contain substances and can cause many health problems like hormone disrupts and respiratory disorders like asthma.

Baking soda and vinegar provide antimicrobial properties that have same effects as the commercial cleaners. They are also great against E. coli, salmonella and staph.

6. The humble toothpaste

Toothpaste contain Fluoride and Saccharin (carcinogens). The saccharin is an artificial sweetener that can cause cancer and it is 350 times sweeter than sugar. The fluoride is also causing cancer and it can cause cavities and damage your thyroid. The coconut oil is a healthy alternative.

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7. Shampoo

Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo (dry scalp 2 in 1) contains methylchloroisothiazolinone, a suspected mutagen. It also contains laureth sulfate. Rat studies found that it causes cancer and it was said by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that it is reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogen.

8. Mothballs

Mothballs contain Naphtalene that can cause numerous health problems like liver and kidney damage, hemolytic anemia and it can cause cancer in animals.

9. Antibacterial soap

Recent studies by the FDA have shown that antibacterial soaps have Triclosan, which is an ingredient that can interfere with the levels of hormone in animals, spur the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and it increases the risk of cancer, early puberty and infertility.
Avoid Triclosan and other chemicals and use natural alternatives.

10. Flea and tick treatment

Flea and tick treatments can be very harmful. Tests on animals have shown problems with Fipronil, a substance found in liquid flea and tick treatments. It can cause diarrhea or vomiting, mild skin irritation, weakness, dizziness, and seizures and it is considered as possible human carcinogen.



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